Unholy Matrimony

Hare Kon is a manga series I do not recommend. I am going to say that up front. It is a manga series about polygamy and after a while involves nudity and sexual content. As such, I do not recommend reading it. That said, early on there is an interesting exchange during a wedding ceremony.

Our main character, a girl named Koharu, returns home after a string of bad relationships with men she realized after she started dating them were married. She comes home to find that her home town has legalized polygamy in an attempt to improve the birth rate. One man can marry up to four women in a marriage referred to as a “Hare Kon.” After discovering her family has amassed a great deal of debt they cannot pay off, Koharu accepts a marriage proposal from a man becoming his third bride. Soon after, they have a wedding ceremony for all three brides in what clearly is intended to look like a Christian church. The Pastor who performs the ceremony, though, says something very telling. He says, “…God is weeping. Though God is lenient, He may not recognize this marriage…still times are changing…at least those of us who are here shall approve this.”

In that statement, the Pastor makes a very bold statement. On the one hand, he acknowledges the marriage is in violation of what the Lord expects out of marriage. On the other hand, he speaks to man’s approval of the marriage. This creates not the Holy Matrimony which we think of for marriage – but an unholy matrimony designed by man.

Marriage per the Bible is designed to be between two people – one man, one woman. There are even some who support same-sex marriage who admit the Bible and Jesus Himself are clear on that as well (while arguing that Jesus was wrong, but that’s another story entirely). The Bible has examples of polygamous unions. The outcome? Not so good. As I spoke about before, the Bible gives us three great examples of problems with polygamy in the life of Jacob, David, and Solomon. The reality of these marriages included marital prostitution (Jacob), familial rape (David’s sons), and worship of idols requiring infant sacrifices (Solomon). These realities of these Biblical polygamous marriages call to the point I made before – the Bible does not condone polygamy.

So, we’re back to the statement from the Pastor. We have a marriage which is clearly against the Lord’s design for marriage to be. Yet, the marriage Pastor is performing and the Pastor is asking the people to embrace it. The Pastor is seeking the will of man to decide what the church is allowed to do. The Bible speaks of religious leaders who do just that (Isaiah 30:10-11, 2 Timothy 4:3). But, the will of God is eternal. It is unchanging. It is perfect. Man’s will is fickle, flighty, changing with the winds. It is imperfect. It is temporal. Man’s will is based on what feels good at the time. It does not take the long view as God always does. He sees the past, present, and future. We see the now – so our view is based on the now. In the moment, we see a benefit in embracing our own will, being our own god. In the long term? It always fails.

Man constantly fails. We are temporal creatures who are easily distracted by shiny objects. God is not so easily distracted and His will is designed for a reason. This includes the Lord’s will for marriage. God would not condone the polygamous marriage in Hare Kon and neither should we.

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