Three Things I Learned Watching Bobby’s World as an Adult with my Kids

After writing about Animaniacs recently, I decided to give you some thoughts on re-watching an episode of Bobby’s World years later as an adult. Unlike Animaniacs, we only watched one episode of Bobby’s World so I have less to say about it. It was for the best. And let’s discuss why.

3. The Mom says G-Darn. A Lot

Go back and watch the first episode of Bobby’s World. I’ll wait. Did you notice the number of times the Mom said “G-Darn?” Literally, G then Darn. Quite a bit. In some instances it’s every other word out of her mouth. As adults, I know exactly what word she’s masking – it’s the Lord’s name in vain. As an Evangelical Christian, this bothers me. A lot. It was the first thing both my wife and I noticed, and the primary reason I did not want to watch anymore. When I consider language and things characters on a show say I have to ask one thing – would I want my kids saying it. With G-darn, I definitely don’t want my kids repeating that, so that’s a strike right there.

2. Bobby’s Siblings are Mean

Bobby has an older sister and brother and, they’re both mean to Bobby. Often. They insult him. Derek and Kelly are irritating and rude to their younger brother. What’s worse, the parents either ignore it or are okay with how awful they are to their 4 year old little brother. I know siblings fight, I did as a kid with mine and my children fight now. But, when that happens – parents step in and stop it. Or, one of them eventually realizes they’re wrong and apologizes. That doesn’t seem to happen, at least not in the few parts I saw as an adult. This may have been corrected in later episodes, but from reviews I’m finding online of others re-watching it as an adult – this was a big thing people seemed to forget about the show.

1. My kids don’t like it

My children watch a lot of varieties of cartoons. They’ve enjoyed Caillou. My son enjoys the occasional episode of the 80s Godzilla cartoon. They LOVE Animaniacs. They like newer cartoons like Star vs the Forces of Evil, Wander over Yonder, and the 7D. They like a lot of different cartoons. Bobby’s World is not among them. I’m not sure what specifically they didn’t like, and I doubt they did either. But, they didn’t like it and that’s enough for me.

Nostalgia brought this back into my life and, that doesn’t seem to be enough to keep it around. There’s more I could say about the really poor animation quality of the series (the characters were all over the place in design and were stranger in appearance than I remembered them), but I think my point is made. I’ll be honest, after one episode my kids didn’t want to watch it anymore – frankly, neither did I. No amount of nostalgia will make me watch the remake of it Howie Mandel is reportedly preparing.

…Then again, morbid curiosity might…

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