God’s Fairness

In the second episode of Angel Beats, we follow the Afterlife Battlefront crew as they attempt to get to the guild to collect some supplies. Problem? All the booby traps are set up and ready for them because Angel has invaded. In the end, only Yuki and Otonashi remain. The two begin to talk and Yuki opens up about her life before death.

Before she died, she was an older sister to three little siblings. Criminals broke into her house when her parents were out and had her get the valuables from the house. They also told her they would gun down her siblings every 10 minutes if she didn’t get them what she wanted. It took 30 minutes for the police to finally arrive; she was the only child left. It was a horrific story of woe, a terrible tale of death. She also blames herself. It leave you, the viewer, to wonder as Otonashi does if she committed suicide. She assures you she did not. But, in the discussion it’s clear she also is angry about the whole thing; embittered, she feels she needs to protect everyone, lead, and ensure this type of death doesn’t happen again. She is angry and upset by the lack of fairness she feels occurred to her.

Her losses remind me of that of Job. Job seemed to be doing everything right. He listened to the Lord, gave regular offerings to God. He was righteous in a challenging time. He was wealthy. He had a happy family. He had it all and appeared to be a good person. But, then it all disappeared – he lost his wealth, his physical health, and his children suddenly. Did he curse or condemn God when it was all gone. Job was upset, but he refused to sin – he praised God instead (Job 1:21).  Job knew something we oftentimes forget – God isn’t always fair, but He is always just and always deserves our praise.

If God were fair, we need to be real here and realize we are all lawbreakers. We are all sinners (Romans 3:231 John 1:8). We all fall short of God. We lust. We get jealous. We desire that which is others. We steal. We hate in our hearts and therefore murder in our hearts. We commit adultery in our hearts as we lust. We steal. We worship idols, whether we call them that or not. We sin constantly. If God were fair, we deserve to go to Hell. Period. Fairness would ensure that all sinners were destroyed and bound for eternal damnation. But, He does not do such a thing. He does not give us the punishment we deserve. Why? Our God is a compassionate God.

The wages for our sin is death (Romans 6:23), but the story doesn’t end there. Through Christ we are granted redemption, forgiveness (1 John 1:9). David discusses the forgiveness of God at length in Psalm 103. In verse 10, David says, “He has not dealt with us as our sins deserve or repaid us according to our offenses.” He’s right. What we deserve is death. What we get is life, in spite of ourselves. As far as the east is from the west is His love. He can and will forgive us. He can and does remove the punishments we deserve.

Back to Yuki – she’s right, her situation wasn’t fair, but life isn’t fair. If it were fair, we would all get what we deserve, we would perish, we would be condemned. I’m thankful God is merciful and not fair.

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