Olszewski’s a Lobbyist Already. Seems Legit.

Since losing the 2014 race for State Senate, what has John Olszewski, Jr been up to? The Daily Record has a bit on that – as he’s working for the Baltimore City Department of Transportation as an analyst and city lobbyist. Here’s an excerpt:

A former two-term delegate from Baltimore County is in line for a new job with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

John A. Olszewski Jr., 32 and a Dundalk Democrat, is expected to be hired on a contractual basis as a policy analyst for the city Department of Transportation. The $90,000 contract is on the agenda for Wednesday’s city Board of Estimates meeting.

His job duties will include studying controversial local, state and federal transportation policies as well as analyzing legislation that pertains to the department and lobbying legislators on transportation issues on behalf of the city. Olszewski will also be charged with studying the issue of traffic enforcement officer protection and responsibilities, according to a description of the position provided to the Board of Estimates.

Okay. So, here’s a question. What is his qualification? Olszewski is a former high school teacher who is pursuing a PhD in government administration. He served two terms in the House of Delegates on committees related to finance and taxation. How does that make him an expert needed for the City to help with their transportation related legislation and concerns about federal or state transportation policies? How does that make him prepared to study traffic enforcement officer protections and responsibilities? Wouldn’t a civil engineer with some policy background be more qualified? Of course. Was this appointment political in nature? Most likely. It also appears to be leading to a $90,000 payout for Olszewski, which will be a nice raise from his salary as a legislator.

It also means he technically becomes a lobbyist immediately after leaving office, which is illegal under Maryland law. But don’t worry – that’s totally legal as he’s lobbying for a government entity and not a business. Totally legit.


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