On Lustful Men and Innocence Lost

Super Sonico is an anime series based on a few things. First, a character named Sonico who’s a mascot telling her slice of life story about herself. Second, it’s based on giving the audience fan-service to the point where that appears to be the entire reason for the series. Frankly, it’s too much and I plan to not watch any more. That said, what can be learned from watching an episode of a show like this. Let’s take a few steps back after I warn you to not search via Google for images of Super Sonico without a mature search filter turned on. The internet is filled with people who take the fan service aspect of this to a disgusting extreme which you do not wish to see. Now, let’s proceed.

Back to the show. In episode 1 we meet Sonico. She’s a character who’s a high achieving girl in college who does some modeling on the side. She’s also a bit flighty, loves macaroons, and is late for her classes constantly. After being late for her first class, we find Sonico skipping some time with her friends to go to a modeling gig. There we find her in a bikini in a scene filled with fan service and, we find lusty executives watching her as they take racier and racier photos of the girl who, innocently seems to go along with it. They provide her with an even skimpier bikini to try on to see if she’ll do it. She’s willing, but her flame headed agent steps in to ensure she doesn’t have to do so. The episode ends with her hanging out with her friends who, are part of a band.

Let’s take a step back to the scene with Sonico being creeped on by lusty executives. Sonico is being treated as an object by these men. She’s not being treated as a human being, as an image bearer of God. We are to treat women with respect, as fellow image bearers of God (Genesis 1:27, 1 Timothy 5:1-2). By acting in this perverted fashion, taking perverted photographs of a young woman who from the entire episode I saw, does not appear to know any better, they are taking advantage of her and violating one of the ten commandments – desiring that which is not your own (Exodus 20:17). Sonico wasn’t their wife, so the desire they were displaying, the hard-headed lust they were displaying to manipulate her was sinful, wrong, and flat out creepy. As Christ said, their lust is adultery (Matthew 5:28). Also, as I’ve noted before on this blog, sex is a beautiful the Lord designed for marriage (Song of Solomon 8:41 Corinthians 7:3-5); same goes for the desire which they were building into carnal lust. Carnal desire for young co-eds in bathing suits is not befitting a Christian man or anyone in a position of authority over them.

Sonico did not seem to know better and was willing to wear the super skimpy bikini, allowing herself into a situation where she was clearly uncomfortable. She showed poor judgement, but was rescued at the last minute from it. The Lord calls us to be innocent as lambs, but to be shrewd. In Matthew 10:16, He reminds us that the world is filled with wolves and we, as sheep, need to be careful or else we will be eaten up. Sonico is a sheep who is not shrewd in this scene and the wolves are drooling in carnal lust. Sonico reminds me of Eve in the beginning (Genesis 3:1-6). Eve was tricked by the serpent to sin, it was still her fault, but she was coerced. How? She was informed God was wrong, she was told the serpent was right, and that the outcome would be desirable and worthwhile. Sonico was told the executives were right and that the outcome would be desirable, worthwhile for her modeling career. She was told it would help her, bolter her career and help them to sell more products. Eve was informed the forbidden fruit would help make her wise. In both cases, a decision had to be made. Eve made the decision to violate God’s law to make herself wide by eating the fruit. Sonico made the decision to don the bikini she was clearly uncomfortable wearing in order to help her career and those of others. She violated her own moral compass as seen by her clear discomfort in the bikini. She didn’t like it, she did not want to do it, but she did it anyway. Also like Eve, after doing this – she was immediately embarrassed by her nakedness.

In the end, Super Sonico’s first episode taught us a lesson on what not to do. And, frankly, it gave me a lesson on what not to watch. The lesson of bad decisions leading to bad situations wrapped in a package which is intended to titillate and provoke is not worth watching. The character is designed to be a seemingly innocent object of lust when in the very first episode, this is shattered as her innocence like that of Eve is lost. She loses her innocence as lustful and sinful men try to take advantage of her. She allows them to and, like Eve, ends up pretty much naked and ashamed. Shame is a powerful force which shows up as sin shows up in our lives. It shows up when we disobey the Lord. It shows up when we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the wolves of this world who wish to harm the Lord’s sheep. It is on full display as Sonico is standing there wearing very little, feeling exposed to the world. She would do well to listen to other mascots turned anime characters and remember that modesty is a virtue.

In the end, I will not watch any more Super Sonico. Also, I would not recommend it.

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