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Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls has come to a close and with it, came a bittersweet finale. Beware – spoilers lie ahead…

In the last episode of the short-form anime series, we discover what it means for the three girls to graduate from the Sehaga Academy. The catch? In order to do so they must cease to be people. What? They are transformed into the actual classic Sega console they are each named for and transported back in time to the year the consoles were made. In essence – they die, cease to be human beings in order to give something (in this case video games) to others. They have a choice to make. Do they opt to graduate and give up life as they know it for others OR do they continue on with their existence and walk out the door?

Our Lord was faced with a situation like this, only far more important and with far bigger things at stake. Christ was faced with His life to be put on the line for others. His life was to be taken so that we may have freedom, so we may be saved from our sins. Christ was given a choice and, in the garden, we see His human side asking if there as another way (Luke 22:42). You will notice, however, that in the end He accepts the Father’s will, accepts that His life will be taken. Christ willingly gives His life to help others.

In John 15:13, Christ said, “No one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends.” This is true, this is great love to be willing to give up ones life for others you love. How much more so must it be to give up your life for a stranger? How about for one who was currently an enemy? Rapper Andy Mineo said in the track One Sixteen that the story of Christ is one where, “…you hear the story ’bout the hero dying for the villain.” That’s exactly what Christ does. He laid down His own life for us, His enemies. We are sinners; anyone who says otherwise is a liar (1 John 1:8-10). Therefore we are His enemies and yet, He still laid down His life for us. There truly is no greater love than that of Christ.

In the last episode of Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls we see the girls are faced with a decision. Do they lay down their lives for people they don’t know, knowing that their conscious will cease to be. Or do they give up, walk out, and ignore what they were designed to do? Christ came into our world to die. The Sega Hard Girls were brought into existence to become video game consoles for the enjoyment of others. They could ignore what they were designed to do, or they could accept their fate – they could choose to die for others. They chose the latter, they chose to die.

We need to die to self every day as a Christian. We need to stop putting ourselves first and serve. When we do so, we reflect Christ. Oddly enough, the girls reflected Christ’s image as they willingly gave up their lives to change into toys.

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