Festivus 2014

Happy Festivus Everyone. It’s the lovely made up holiday from Seinfeld we celebrate on Christmas Eve’s Eve. After the feats of strength which, I will say, will be easy for anyone trying to defeat me, we should discuss the Airing of the Grievances. Who disappointed you in 2014? Here’s my list:

A-1 Pictures – A-1 Pictures are the studio behind Aldnoah.Zero, a mech anime which came out this year. It’s been good so far and it’s first season ended on a cliffhanger which (SPOILER) appeared to kill two fairly important main characters. But, recent posters and tie in ads have shown both of those supposedly dead characters alive. Seriously? What gives? How are they alive – I watched them die on screen. Or I thought. Man…now I’m going to have to watch Season 2 and find out how they’re alive.

ABC – First, you’re people have the poor sense to name a TV series “Selfie.” Then, you put so little effort into protecting this gem of a TV series that it dies in the ratings. Now, it’s moving to Hulu, but only to finish out Season 1. Disappointed in ABC for letting this promising and cute series based on My Fair Lady set in modern times die.

Bill de Blasio – I’m not super surprised de Blasio has been an awful mayor in his first year in office. I mean, he’s attacking charter schools, he’s trying to increase the nanny state, he’s going after the terrifying menace of horse drawn carriages, and he’s spouting racial language which helps breed division. It’s still disappointing, even when expected.

Blaine Young – Young peddled himself to be a conservative hero for the 2014 election cycle. Starting out with a bid for Governor before dropping out, endorsing Lollar, and running in a bid for Frederick County Executive, a position he was well suited to run for. He lost. And now, turns out, he was cheating on his wife with a subordinate. Now he’s trying to get the newly elected County Executive in trouble for daring to touch his former mistress’ position in office and her pay scale. Seriously? Does this man have no shame?

Charles Lollar – 2014 marks three races Lollar has failed at – Congressional bid, GOP Gubernatorial primary, and a seat on the Charles County Board of Commissioners. The first was a tough race and he fought hard; didn’t do as well as some had in the past, but Steny Hoyer is a tough nut to crack. The GOP Gubernatorial Primary was filled with all manner of bad decisions on the part of his campaign which led to his inevitable failure to Larry Hogan who, is now Governor Elect. But the last race, should have been much easier. It was competitive, to be sure, but it was a Republican district with a Republican incumbent leaving office. Lollar was a good fit for the race, but he still failed there. I have a feeling he’ll come back again for another race in the future, but in 2014, he was a big disappointment.

Myself – I gave myself a very public reading list on my website at the end of last year. I ended up reading all of about 3 of the books. Well, that’s disappointing. Seriously, myself, what’s that about? Mind you, I have read a lot of new manga (new to me) in 2014, but that doesn’t make up for the substantive books on faith I originally planned to read. On to trying again in 2015.

Wade Kach – Wade Kach is an unprincipled consummate hypocrite. He’s also one of three Republicans elected to the Baltimore County Council now, beating out incumbent and DUI recipient while driving a County owned vehicle Todd Huff. Side note: This is now the second back to back election where the incumbent Republican was beaten in a primary and the winner went on to win in the general, but I digress. Kach came out in 2014 and endorsed John Olszewksi, Jr (D) for State Senate in my district over Johnny Ray Salling (R). He put his eggs in the pro-choice, minimum wage increasing Delegate Olszewski over the pro-life, fiscally conservative Salling. Salling won and now Kach is standing there with egg on his face. During the congratulations event celebrating the victories in Eastern Baltimore County there was a noted absence as Salling and others were honored for their historic victories – Wade Kach. I think we all know why.

That’s my list. Who or what disappointed you in 2014?

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Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman is a Christian environmental engineer (Professionally licensed in Maryland). He’s also a husband, beard aficionado, Dad of four beautiful children, blogger, and all around geeky guy from Baltimore County. When he’s not chasing his kids or working, he’s probably asleep.

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