Kach Endorses Olszewski, Still a Hypocrite


Delegate and soon to be Baltimore County Councilman Wade Kach (R) has endorsed John Olszewski (D) for State Senate in District 6. Here’s more from Ben Boehl:

In a bit of a surprise move, 3rd District Republican County Council candidate Wade Kach has publicly endorsed 6th District Del. John Olszewski Jr. for the state senate, according to an Olszewski press release. Kach defeated sitting Councilman Todd Huff in the Republican primary. Many believe that he will go on to defeat Democratic candidate Laurie Taylor-Mitchell to become the next councilman of the 3rd District, which covers the rural parts of northern and northeast Baltimore County.

“I have watched Johnny [Olszewski] work hard to protect his constituents from the effects of ill-conceived liberal actions in Annapolis that would have further harmed the citizens of his district, who continue to suffer from our lingering economic difficulties.” Kach said in his support for Olszewski.

“John will be a strong advocate who will be able to fight more effectively for the residents of the 6th District if elected to the State Senate and urged Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike to vote for him.”

This is a surprise move as Wade Kach is a) pro-life and b) was at least marginally conservative. Olszewski voted to increase the minimum wage, Kach voted no. Olszewski voted to redefine gender under the law, Kach voted no. There are many other examples where, frankly, the endorsement doesn’t make sense with their difference of opinions on the issues. Unless Kach is only voting one way to ensure reelection and doesn’t care anymore. Kach has proven himself to be a hypocrite over the years and I’m still disappointed a third, better candidate did not arise in that district to challenge him and Huff. I’ve made it clear before that I felt Huff was unfit to serve. He does himself no favors in Republican circles by endorsing Olszewski, but maybe – he just doesn’t care. He’s in an easy seat to win at this point and is coasting so, what does he have to lose. The GOP needs the seat on the Baltimore County Council to remain in their hands now that he beat Todd Huff (R) in the primary, so who’s going to fight him post-primary. No one. I just hope he gets primaried in 4 years.

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