Homies by Insane Clown Posse

Warning: The song contains explicit lyrics which are not suitable for children.

This week I’m doing something different. This week, we’re going to discuss the 2002 Insane Clown Posse track “Homies” also known as “Juggalo Homies.” It is one of the less hard tracks from the hip hop/horrorcore act. If anything, this song is mellow to a certain degree. Guest starring Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child, instead of some of the more sexual and violent lyrics ICP has done, this track is about friendship. The lyrics can be reviewed here.

Violent J begins the track by rapping, “Let me ask you this about this life we live / And let me try to swerve some of this attention you give / To them distant *** relatives over in ham dinner / If they miss you so much why don’t they just call a motherf***** / If you wasn’t blood, would you still have love? / Or infact does the blood make you think you have to love? / Look I probably love my family more then anybody here / But my homies are family too Third cousins get outta here.” Violent J points out a truth to us that as a Christian is accurate – the brotherhood of believers, your friends in the faith are family. Matthew relays a story in the 12 chapter of his Gospel where Jesus is confronted by His family who, apart from His mother, did not believe in Him. Christ then said, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?…[while stretching out His hand toward His disciples]…here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven, that person is My brother and sister and mother (Matthew 12:46-50).” As Christians, our friends in the faith are our family and we work together for each other’s good, and the good of God’s kingdom (Galatians 6:10, Ephesians 4:16). Christ’s bonds which He creates in His church are stronger than blood family ties, in fact – it may cause division in your family due to your faith in Jesus (Matthew 10:35-36, Luke 12:53). Just because a person is family, does not mean they are close or worthy of praise. We see this in the life of Samuel who’s sons are disobedient to the Lord; David, one son raped his half-sister, another other tried to overthrow the kingdom and kill David. Kinship can be closer than family and Christian kinship, if approached in a Biblical way, becomes your family.

Violent J continues, “Who was you with when you got tattoos? / Who was you tripping with when you did them mushrooms? / Who the f*** threw up all over your car? / And then felt worse then you about that s*** in the morning?” This is followed by Shaggy 2 Dope singing, “Who loaned ya money, homie? Who owes ya cash? / Who taught you how to use a bong for the grass? / I don’t know much but I gotta assume / When ya hit ya first neden, ya homies was in the other room.” Each of them talk about bonding experiences with their homies. In each case, said bonding experience involves drugs and in the case of Shaggy, involves sex. Drugs are bad. The Bible is clear on it’s opposition to mind alteration with it’s extensive opposition to drunkenness (Proverbs 20:1Isaiah 5:22Ephesians 5:18). There are better ways to bond with your friends than doing drugs. Talking, taking a walk, discussing a book, watching a movie, watching TV, video games, participating in sports, etc. All are better choices than drugs. Now, on to sex. Shaggy talks about hooking up with a girl with your friend in the next room; my assumption is that he’s cheering you on. It’s…weird. Also, not Biblical. Sex is a beautiful thing that the Lord designed for marriage (Song of Solomon 8:41 Corinthians 7:3-5).

The chorus then goes on to yell about love for ones homies. A nice departure from other ICP tracks I’ve heard in the past (example).

Violent J returns to rap the next verse which is…a bit more violent. Violent J says, “Have you ever had a job that you truly despise? / Like, I dunno, maybe dish washing or f****** flipping fries / Then you’ve got this boss who thinks he’s the Don Mega / Cause he the head manager chief chili fry maker? / All you could vision is ya’ll beating him down / Your homies standing on his back while you kicking his head around / But responsibility is there, I can’t lie, though / I’d have been plucked his f****** eyeball out with a chicken bone / Crazy as f*** I’ll rip your piercings off / And now my homies are holding me back so I don’t look soft.” A violent man is not a good man (Proverbs 16:29). And even if this violence is internal, this type of rage/hate is sinful – and equivalent to murder (Matthew 5:21-22, 1 John 3:15). Violent J is living up to his name with this internal anger, this internal violence which is sinful. Christ would call him to repent of this anger. So do I.

The next part is Shaggy talking about taking your parent’s car and blaming your friends. This is followed by verses from Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child. Both of them talk more about the importance of friendship, reiterating the fact that your friends are like your family with colorful lyrics. This, if Christ-like love is at the center of that friendship, is true.

That said, when we take a step back we see the theology of the Insane Clown Posse on display in their “Dark Carnival” concept albums. The first set of albums sets us up in their own concept of limbo/purgatory where a collection of clowns show various truths (according to ICP) and try to make the deceased soul repent of their sins in life so they have a chance at heaven (Shangri-La). Christ doesn’t want us to wait until death to repent, He wants us to repent now. After death, it’s too late. There are no clowns to show you about depravity to convince you to repent (Great Milenko). Also, you don’t go to heaven based on your own actions and own good behavior. You can’t earn your salvation as ICP spirituality would have you believe. Christ does the work, Christ saves you. You can’t self-sanctify. You can’t save yourself. You need a savior, so do I, so does ICP.

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