Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s most current big hit is “Not a Bad Thing.” The former *NSYNC member has made quite a name for himself in pop music. The lyrics for his new hit, which is currently #3 on the Billboard Top 100 Pop hits, can be reviewed here. Let’s begin our review.

Timberlake begins by singing, “Said all I want from you is to see you tomorrow / And every tomorrow, maybe you’ll let me borrow your heart / And is it too much to ask for every Sunday / And while we’re at it, throw in every other day to start.” This is a romantic song about love. He wants to see this woman tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Basically, he wants a lifetime commitment. You know what’s a lifetime commitment? Marriage. Finding a wife is a good thing (Proverbs 18:22). If you want marriage, you should get married – otherwise you may be tempted to sin (1 Corinthians 7:1-7). As Timberlake is asking for a lifetime loving commitment with this woman and considering he’s married to Jessica Biel, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume he’s talking about desiring love in marriage. A good, Biblical place to start (see my piece on “All of Me” by John Legend for another example).

Note he’s looking for a lifetime commitment. That’s what marriage is – a lifetime commitment (Matthew 19:5-61 Corinthians 7:39). As I said in my piece on “All of Me” – “Marriage is when two people become one before the Lord. It is a holy covenant between two people and God. In so doing, they give themselves to each other much as Legend said in his song. They pledge their lives to each other to love, cherish, and to love each other in the faith (i.e. help them grow spiritually).” It’s true with this song as well – seeking marriage, seeking a bride, seeking a good thing.

Timberlake continues, “I know people make promises all the time / Then they turn right around and break them / When someone cuts your heart open with a knife, now you’re bleeding / But I could be that guy to heal it over time / And I won’t stop until you believe it / ‘Cause baby you’re worth it.” To the woman he’s seeking to be his bride he’s promising to be truthful (Proverbs 12:22, Colossians 3:9) and to build her up/strengthen her (Proverbs 27:17, Ecclesiastes 4:9-111 Thessalonians 5:111 Peter 3:7). This would map out the kind of love Paul discusses a man should show his bride in Ephesians 5:25-29. Husbands are meant to lay down their lives giving their all for their wives, rebuilding them and strengthening them. They are worth it – God gave that woman to you.

This then flows into the chorus which gets us to the title of the song, “So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me / ‘Cause you might look around and find your dreams come true, with me / Spent all your time and your money just to find out that my love was free / So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me, me / It’s not a bad thing to fall in love with me, me.” Getting married and falling in love are not bad things (Proverbs 18:22), so inherently his statement in the chorus is…accurate. In as much as they have and seek a Biblical marriage, falling in love with him isn’t a problem. Considering much of what he talks about earlier is desiring to be a Biblical husband, I don’t think falling in love with him would be a bad thing. Then again, I’d have to ask Jessica Biel to be certain.

In the second verse, the section not repeated is Timberlake singing, “Now how about I’d be the last voice you hear tonight? / And every other night for the rest of the nights that there are / Every morning I just wanna see you staring back at me / ‘Cause I know that’s a good place to start.” Again, he’s seeking a lifelong commitment from this woman – he’s seeking marriage. I really don’t see any other way to Biblically state the same thing.

The entire song is about how Timberlake wants to be a loving husband who commits for a lifetime to his bride. He wants to build her up, to strengthen her, to save her from the world around her. These are all Biblical desires for a husband to have – in fact, that’s what the Bible calls on husbands to do. Husbands are called to give their all, laying their lives down for their wives and loving them as their own flesh (Ephesians 5:25-30). Timberlake is promising that in this passage, telling the woman that he desires a lifetime with her and that loving him will be good. Frankly, it’s a pretty good marriage proposal or set of vows at a wedding. I see why Jessica Biel and others swooned over him.

He doesn’t ask for sex. He doesn’t ask for lust. He asks for a lifetime of happiness where he will lay down his life for his wife. That’s a Biblical marriage. I pray Timberlake truly is seeking that type of a marriage with his bride and not merely going through the motions.

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